In honor of #internationalwomensday, I wanted to share a poem I wrote. 

Letter to Women:

You are a woman of substance. Pure in your beauty, radiating your light as the sun bursts through your soul in gold.

Your elements combine, enriched in sweet pleasantries, embracing your full self. 

As if a cup of tea, your wholesome mixture is longed for by the mouths of those who desire a natural tang.

You are untainted, now having refined from all that society tried to pollute you with. You are an untamable essence, mounted upon your unwavering power, encompassed by your undeniable truths.

No soul at the sight of you ever dares to dismiss your elegance. Your beauty never abandons you, and your calm, gentle spirit speaks verses of your profound ambition.

My darling, you are a woman of complex structure, and you should vow to journey through your intricate being.

-Mariah J.

Take some time to appreciate the women around you and the woman inside you!